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Product parameter Brand: FADETI Style: modern Size: 35cm×38.5cm Material: environmentally friendly PVC Product features: safety, environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof Uses: bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, study, children’s room, coffee shop and other wall decoration Applicable wall: painted wall, ceramic tile surface, glass surface, wooden wall, plastic surface, metal surface, smooth wall Not applicable: uneven wall, wallpaper surface, gray-off surface, moldy wall Reminder: Make sure that the wall is flat and smooth and free of dust before pasting. It is recommended to wipe the wall clean with a rag before pasting.

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1. Measure the height and width of the object to be stuck, and cut out the sticker according to the measured specifications (more up and down, left and right) 2. Hold the sticker first, and then lay the sticker on the surface of the object to be affixed. The four sides should be aligned with the object (this step is very important). After alignment, tear the back protective film to fix the sticker on the object 3. While tearing off the protective film on the back, use a soft cloth towel and other tools to gently flatten the center of the sticker to both sides to expel the air bubbles 4. When pasting the next sheet, there should be an overlap of about 1cm with the seam of the previous sheet 5. If there are wrinkles when sticking, you can slowly tear a little and smooth it out. If there are bubbles, use a needle to poke it out, then use a soft cloth to squeeze out the air, and finally it is finished. 6. Do not tear off the entire paper to paste the whole wallpaper, so that the wallpaper is easy to stick to each other and difficult to tear, and it is not easy to put it in the correct position when it is attached to the wall, and it is easy to produce bubbles and wrinkles 7. Important note: buy the right quantity at a time to ensure that they come from the same batch to avoid color differences. The product is sealed in a protective tube after leaving the factory. The ink may not be dry and breathable to produce a slight odor. Remind everyone to spread it flat after receiving the baby The problem can be solved in half a day

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